Smart Power for Smart People

The way we are generating and using energy is changing rapidly. The old ways of doing things are breaking, but if customers and energy providers work together, we can fix them. That’s what Evergreen Smart Power is all about.

We want to deliver a smarter energy system that reduces consumer energy bills by making it easy for people to raise or lower their energy use at certain times to help balance the electricity network and drive savings.

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Why Smart Power?

The UK is embracing a low-carbon energy future. Recent investment in renewables such as solar and wind energy has driven our net carbon emissions down to Victorian levels, and there’s more work to do.

But renewable energy depends on unpredictable British weather. When the wind blows and the sun shines grid electricity is cheap and clean, but on a calm winter evening the same electricity might cost many times more to supply.

At the same time, moving away from fossil fuels like petrol and gas is increasing demand for electricity: electric cars and heat pumps are both becoming more widespread. All of this is putting pressure on our energy infrastructure.

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Household Focus

Domestic energy users are at the heart of our mission.

There are millions of devices scattered across the UK in people homes that are inherently flexible: heating systems click on and click off to keep houses comfortable; cars only need charging some of the time; storage batteries choose when to charge and when to discharge.

Our platform makes it easy for people to use what they’ve got to keep the grid in balance, lowering their own energy bills and speeding up the adoption of low-carbon technologies: win-win.

Who are we?

With decades of industry experience between us, we are passionate about solving the challenges of transitioning to a low-carbon economy.