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Evergreen Smart Power’s Virtual Power Plant offering helps suppliers, their customers, grid transmission and network operators address the challenges presented by growing domestic energy loads resulting from the decarbonisation of transport and heating.

We are simplifying the enrolment of customers within complex market processes, maximising the potential of their growing controllable energy loads in a mutually beneficial and engaging way.

Energy Supplier Platform

Customers with EVs, storage and heat pumps can now be offered new products supported by a scaleable end to end solution that delivers the cost savings or revenue share opportunities required to gain sticky customers with lower tariffs or DSR deductions in their monthly bills.

Suppliers can reduce their energy purchasing and imbalance costs through the  management, optimisation and scheduling of their customers’ EV charging and electric heating loads.

The platform also unlocks access to national and local DSO revenues as well as permitting suppliers to offering DSR into the balancing system when regulation permits.

Distribution Network Operator Platform

Our Virtual Power Plant enables the transition to a Distribution System Operator by providing visibility, access, smoothing and geographic balancing  of the growing domestic loads resulting from the decarbonisation of transport and heating

The platform also supports a DSO transactive market place by offering up large scale dispatchable domestic DSR loads  on behalf of energy suppliers costumers with loads in constrained zones or clusters.

Power outage management of domestic loads can also be reduced, staggered or re-scheduled to reduce the impact of high loads associated with EV charging and heat pumps. Suppliers participating customers with a storage or V2G capability can have their loads reduced  immediately after an outage.