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The FRED Project: Flexibly-Responsive Energy Delivery

Demonstrating the power of the Smart Power Platform

We’re excited to be showcasing our technology through The FRED Trial. The trial’s aim is to demonstrate the real-world potential of our Virtual Power Plant platform to orchestrate domestic heating and vehicle charging, showing that the platform makes it easy for consumers to be flexible with their energy consumption. The project is being funded by the government as a winner of its recent domestic demand-side response competition.

Over the course of 2019 and 2020 we will be working to demonstrate how our VPP unlocks flexibility in our energy system today. In particular, we will be working with over two hundred myenergi customers to explore how best to reward them for being more flexible in how they use energy at home.

This trial is particularly promising because of the immediate potential to scale up positive results. With next-generation electric vehicles coming on to the market and affordability increasing all the time, we expect the importance of domestic DSR for electric vehicles to grow and grow, too.

Our project partners